Here at we value all of our users privacy and personal information. However dranite will only collect and use our users data in accordance to the private policy and terms based on our users agreement with Dranite.

The personal information obtained will be used for the following reasons

  1. In Accordance to AML and KYC requirements we are required to access your application for products and services offered by us. This also helps us better understand our users to maintain and manage your accounts with us. We will you these information to improve our support; resolving enquiries, customer complaints and disputes. As we a binded by laws governed by the respective countries we operate in we collect information required by them to be as compliant as possible to ensure that a smooth operation.
  2. To update our users with accurate information on changes and update of our product and services
  3. To help us better understand our users need and catering to them in form of upgrade of services, new offerings and promotion

At dranite we use our users Cookies to better help us understand our users. This will translate into better site optimisation in the future and better helps us to give our users the best possible experience from the data we gathered from our users site usage and browsing behaviour. Cookies will also be used to mitigate risk, protecting the integrity of our security, fraud prevention , gauge the effectiveness of our promotions, digital marketing strategies and enhance our product knowledge.